We bought our first longhorn cow on a whim at a fundraiser in 2012. Randy, being a Texas A&M graduate was enjoying bidding against several UT graduates and was thrilled when he, an Aggie, ended up with the longhorn! We gradually acquired a few more unregistered longhorn cows and then they had babies…it didn’t take long for us to realize we had developed a passion for the breed.

We also realized very quickly that these beautiful animals needed more room to roam than the 12 acres we live on. We set about looking for more land and eventually discovered the perfect place—with plenty of space and lots of great grass—in Atoka, Oklahoma--just about 2 hours from our home in McKinney, Texas.

As we began to learn more about the breed, we decided to invest in registered longhorns and began attending longhorn specific sales and events. This is how we discovered that there is more to love about this industry than just the cows. We’ve enjoyed learning about the breed from many experienced breeders and we value the advice we’ve been given as well as the friendships we have made.

These Texas longhorns have also given our family something to enjoy and build together. Our grown children and their families have all become a part of what we are doing. It’s kind of nice to work your cattle with people that you love.

We currently have about 100 head of cattle in our herd; which includes several 80+” and many 70+” females. We have two herd sires that have given us some great calves and we have recently added a couple of junior herd sires that show great promise. We are excited to see what they produce for us.

Our herd is very diverse—we aren’t concentrating on any one quality or trait—we have some cows with length, some with twist, some big-bodied ones, some are more petite, some have a lot of color, some are not so colorful, some are loners and some are practically in your back pocket. We love them all!

We hope you enjoy looking at our herd as much as we do. If you see something that you think would look great on your property, let us know. We’re always willing to work something out.

We can be found at the ranch most weekends. If you find yourself in our area or if you’d like to plan a visit, give us a call. We’d love to show our herd off!

Randy & Tricia